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“Anticorruption” Friday Evening with “Mojito” Cocktail

30.05.2012 | 11:05

On 16 March 2012 the Armenian Young Lawyers Association, Yerevan AAC initiated and with active participation of the US Alumni Association of Armenia organized an “Anticorruption Friday Evening” with “Mojito” cocktail in CLABORATORIA Club, one of the most popular places among the Yerevan youth. The event was unique and unprecedented in its kind, as it joined a working meeting and leisure time in one evening party.
Representatives from the US Embassy in Armenia, USAID, OSCE Yerevan Office, RA prosecutor’s Office, AYLA, USAAA, AACs, different international organizations, state bodies and the civil society participated in this event.
During the whole evening, the participants enjoyed “Mojito” Cocktails prepared by Advocate Karen Zadoyan, the founding member of the Armenian Young Lawyers Association and the US Alumni Association of Armenia, who is the Manager of the “Development of the AAC National Network” Project as well. At the same time they talked about the mechanisms for struggle against the corruption in Armenia and the vision of Armenia free of corruption (Armenia without corruption).
Paralelly, Mr. Marat Atovmyan, Director of Yerevan AAC met with the other participants in the next hall of the club and conducted an interactive discussion on strengthening the ideology of the newly established movement “Armenia against Corruption” and its problems under the motto, “Refrain from starting advocacy of moral principles and eradication of corruption, and try to live in compliance with these best intentions.”
The participants put down solutions on solving the problems like “Formation of perception of corruption as a threat for the society,” “Formation of perception of intolerance towards corruption; creation of defiance and hatred towards corruption among the society,” “Formation of the demand of good governance among the society.” The suggested solutions were summarized in the ideas of strengthening the movement. The choice of the place of the evening party was not casual, because the participants felt them more comfortable and freely expressed their thoughts and ideas in such environment despite of the working atmosphere, and thus made the event more interesting and attractive.

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