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Success Story: The Court upheld the "Nairit" Plant Employee’s Claim of 1.5 Million AMD

25.08.2015 | 11:08

In April 2015, Mrs. Haykanush Tutunjyan, an employee of “Nairit” Plant, applied to the Armenian Young Lawyers Association with request to lodge a claim against “Nairit” Plant. As it is known, the plant failed to pay the salaries of the employees for over one year and as a result the interests have accrued as well.

IMG_1504-copy2 copy“The citizen applied to us and that she wishes to recover her violated rights, to make the plant pay her wages as well as the interests accrued during the period of the plant’s failure to pay the wages,” Mr. Arnold Vardanyan, the Legal Adviser of the Armenian Young Lawyers Association said.

In April, the AYLA Legal Adviser lodged a claim on behalf of the citizen, demanding to oblige the employer to pay wages and the interest rates set by the RA Labor Code. The claim also asked to schedule the court hearing in July, as “Prior to this (the court hearing), all the employees of the plant were forced to sign an agreement stating that they waive the interests. The date of the court hearing coincided with the last date of signing the required agreement. I recommended her not to sign the agreement and wait for the court verdict,” said the legal adviser.

IMG_9600 copyThe citizen did not sign the agreement and continued demanding her salary and interests in the court proceeding. As a result, the court ruled a judicial decision, which upheld both the requirement of seizure of the basic amount of wages, as well as confiscation of interest. The amount totaled to 1 million AMD of the salary and 560 thousand AMD of the interest.

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