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The Oral Round of Philip C Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition in Armenia launched

13.02.2016 | 20:02

Knowledge, skills, reputation, friends… The participants, judges and coaches of the teams list just these peculiarities of the Philip C Jessup International Moot Court Competition.

“This competition has given me a lot: first of all the knowledge in the field of public international law. We learn how to stand in front of the court, how to talk, how to address the judges. It also develops the skills to explain as well as verbal abilities. It is really important for a lawyer to participate in such competitions,” Miss Tatevik Tadevosyan, one of the students who participates in the competition for the first time said.

The moot court competition is being organized in Armenia for already 16 years, by the Armenian Young Lawyers Association NGO in cooperation with the Law Foundation of Armenia and the “LEGAL ALLIANCE” Law Firm.

The teams are informed in advance from the organizer the Armenian Young Lawyers Association about the problem (the theme of the competition) which is prepared in Washington by the international law experts, then their applicant’s and respondent’s memorials. The National Competition consists of written and oral rounds. A jury of 3 judges assesses the memorials in the written rounds independently. Then the teams meet in the oral round where a jury of 3 judges assesses their oral skills as well. The winner team of the national rounds participates in the international rounds, which is held in the Washington DC US. Today the oral round of the national competition started.

Mr. Stepan Khzrtyan, who served as a judge at the Armenian round said that the moot court gives students extensive experience in research and analysis, as well as representation in court, which is really important in the future work of a lawyer.

This is already the second year that the Armenian round of the moot court is organized in English language. John Hayrapetyan, the judge of the Armenian oral rounds attached much importance to this circumstance. “The teams’ preparedness this year is notable. I also served as a moot court judge in previous years and I would say that changing of the language of the moot court really contributes to the teams to present their positions in the national and later in the international rounds.”

He also mentioned that currently the Republic of Armenia is having cases in the international courts and as a result of shortage in human resources often has to pay a lot of money to the foreign lawyers. “Students participating in this moot court are our future, and one day they will represent the Republic of Armenia in international bodies.”

Mr. Aram Orbelyan, a Famous lawyer in Armenia, has participated in the moot court for many years as a judge as well as a team coach. This year he is the coach of one of the teams. In the interview with us he said that in addition to the above mentioned privileges, participation in the moot court also is prestigious, and many serious organizations consider participation in the moot court as an advantage when hiring a lawyer.

Notably, this year we have three participant teams. The preliminary round was accomplished today. And the two teams that will compete in the final round tomorrow are known.

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